Paralegal Students with Pre-paid Loislaw Cards

Please note: In order to use you must have purchased a pre-paid Loislaw Access Card. You will need the access code from the back of the card to complete your registration.

If you have not purchased a pre-paid Loislaw Access Card and would like more information on how to obtain one, contact Loislaw’s Customer Support Group at 1-800-364-2512 or

To activate your subscription, please fill in the required information below. When you are done, click the Submit button to securely initiate your subscription. A Username, along with the password you have chosen, will be sent to you via email. Use this Username and password each time you wish to sign in. Your subscription will be activated upon submission of this form and will expire four (4) months from the activation date.

How to Use Your Special Access Code:

Near the bottom of the form, you will find a field labeled "Access Code". Enter the access code you have been provided in this field. Do not include quote marks. If you have any problems, call us at 800-364-2512 for immediate help.

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